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Whole House UV Water System

Whole House UV Water System

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A UV water purifier treats microbiologically unsafe water with a germicidal ultraviolet light.

By installing a Water Filter One UV disinfection system you will no longer have to be concerned about waterborne pathogenic organisms causing you or your family illness. Water Filter One's UV system scrambles the DNA of living organisms in the water preventing them from reproducing.

UV light enters and permanently alters the DNA of the microorganisms in a process called thymine dimerization. The microorganism is inactive and rendered unable to reproduce or infect.


Electrical: 110-130v
Max Operating Pressure: 125 psi
Lamp Life(hours): 9000 hrs (approx. 1 year of use)
Audible Lamp Failure: Yes
LED “power-on” indicator: 4″ Diameter, Removable Cap
Maximum Flow, GPM (gallons per minute): 6 GPM, 8 GPM or 12 GPM