Water Chlorination System (Private Well Water)

Water Chlorination System (Private Well Water)


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When people think about water disinfection, chlorine is the first water treatment method that comes to mind. Chlorine has been used very successfully to disinfect water at the municipal level for many years, and it's still the best type of water treatment for specific types of water problems.

A well chlorination system is often used to pre-treat for the presence of iron bacteria, sulfur bacteria, and to assist in the oxidization of sulfur, iron, and manganese at high levels. Chlorination systems are also used to helps oxidize tannins. 

Chlorine treatment is still the best disinfection solution for some homeowners. This is particularly true for those homeowners who have serious water contamination problems. Chlorine is also quite effective at killing algae, which can be a problem in surface water systems.


  • Self Priming
  • Easy to maintain
  • Wires to well pump
  • Fully adjustable output


Solution Tank

Tank Height: 33.5″
Tank Diameter: 18.5″
Tank: 35-gallon solution tank
Color: Blue or Natural ( Natural color tank is translucent enough to see the chlorine solution level in the tank from the outside, blue is not )
Access Hole: 4″ Diameter, Removable Cap

Retention Tank

Bypass: Optional
Maximum Operating Pressure: 75 PSI
Maximum Operating Temperature: 120 F

Important – Polyglass tanks are designed to withstand pressure but they will collapse if subjected to a vacuum. A vacuum breaker should always be installed to prevent tank damage

Chlorine Pump

Flow Rate: 30 gallons per day
Operating Pressure: 80 PSI
Power: 120 volt