The Water Guardian XL Municipal Water Softener (City Water And Private Well Water)


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Water Softener Benefits

  • Reduces hardness in the water, and eliminates scale, spot build-up for the entire home.
  • Rated to treat 48,000 grains of hardness by removing skin-damaging hard minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium that clog up the skin pore and cause irritation.
  • Equipped with an Advanced Digital On-Demand Meter Control Head, in and out bypass, 3/4″ NPT Male Adapter, and pre-filled premium quality resin.
  • Featured, time-delayed, metered, and manual double backwash for optimum regeneration, cleaning, and performance.
  • Every Water Filter One Water Softener is constructed of High strength corrosion-resistant fiberglass-lined polyethylene tank, durable bypass valve, and prefilled premium-grade resin. It also comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty


The Water Guardian Series of Whole House Water Softening System is built to provide Soft, scale and spot-free water for the entire house. It can treat up to 48,000 grains of hardness, perfect for the household size of 2-4 bathrooms and up to 5 people. Its built-in advanced digital control console allows precise backwashing only when it’s needed, saving hundreds of gallons of water.



Tank Height: 54″
Tank Width: 10″
Flow Rate: 12 GPM
Connection Size: 3/4″
Operating Pressure: 25-80 PSI
Operating Temperatures: 36-120 F
pH Range: 6.5-11
Grain Capacity: 48,000
Drain Size: 3/4″ (50′ Supplied)
Brine Tank: 18″ by 33″ Round Brine Tank
Body: Non-corrosive, UV-resistant, fiber-reinforced polymer valve body
Controls: 5600 controls are user-friendly and easily programmable
Meter: Demand regeneration with a mechanical meter
Economical: Small annual power consumption
Backwash: Designed with double backwash