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The Water Guardian Municipal Water Softener (City Water)

The Water Guardian Municipal Water Softener (City Water)

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All salt-based water softeners come standard with high capacity resin, tanks, and a limited lifetime warranty on the head. If you are looking to purchase a salt-based water softening system and want the very best then the Ion Exchange Water Softener is your answer.

How Does A Salt-Based Water Softener Work

  • Backwashing Phase - This removes dirt from the mineral tank and is apart of the regeneration process.
  • Regeneration Phase - The mineral tank is recharged with sodium from the brine tank solution and displaces the calcium and magnesium with sodium. The displaced calcium and magnesium is then flushed down the drain during the backwashing phase.
  • Rinse Phase - The mineral tank is rinsed with fresh water and loads the brine tank so that it is ready for the next cycle.

As your water passes through the material tank, the positively charged calcium and magnesium ions are lost to the negatively charged resin beads. The brine tank holds a solution of saltwater that flushes the beads replacing the calcium and magnesium with ions of sodium. The recharging cycles are controlled by the metered on the top of the tank. This normally occurs every 7 days.



Tank Height: 54″
Tank Width: 10″
Flow Rate: 12 GPM
Connection Size: 3/4″
Operating Pressure: 25-80 PSI
Operating Temperatures: 36-120 F
pH Range: 6.5-11
Grain Capacity: 48,000
Drain Size: 3/4″ (50′ Supplied)
Brine Tank: 18″ by 33″ Round Brine Tank
Body: Non-corrosive, UV-resistant, fiber-reinforced polymer valve body
Controls: 5600 controls are user-friendly and easily programmable
Meter: Demand regeneration with a mechanical meter
Economical: Small annual power consumption
Backwash: Designed with double backwash