6 Stage RO With Added Minerals (City Water And Private Well Water)

6 Stage RO With Added Minerals (City Water And Private Well Water)


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Enjoy better water with Water Filter One's 6-stage reverse osmosis water filtration system. This professional-grade system provides clean, clear, great-tasting water that you can enjoy for years to come! Our 6 stage reverse osmosis system is made with a twist-lock design that allows easy filter replacement.

Water Filter One's high performance 6-stage reverse osmosis system includes 6 separate filters to ensure clean, clear, great-tasting water.

  • Stage 1: Sediment Cartridge Filter
  • Stage 2: Pre-Carbon Block Cartridge Filter
  • Stage 3: GAC Cartridge Filter
  • Stage 4: Post-Carbon Block Cartridge Filter
  • Stage 5: Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter
  • Stage 6: pH Remineralization Filter

The reverse osmosis membrane is the key to high-level home water filtration. This system can handle up to 50 gallons of water per day. This makes it great for any household. Do you have children? This system is key because children are especially vulnerable to contaminants in their drinking water.

Water Filter One's home water filtration system is certified NSF/ANSI standards 58 and 372. This will give you the power to reduce the level of many contaminants in your water.

Are you ready to take control of your home's water supply? If so order your 6-stage reverse osmosis system today!


Capacity: 50 gallons per day
Tank Size: 2.5 Gallon tank lined with polypropylene
Water Lines: Water lines are made from polypropylene ( PP, or plastic #5, which is on the safe plastic list )
Certification: NSF Approved components
Faucet Lines: 3/8″ faucet lines for faster delivery
Optional: pH+ calcium carbonate 6th stage for alkaline water – Without any chemicals

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