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John Guest Fittings

John Guest manufactures more push-fit fittings and tubes than anyone else in the world and has been providing reliable plumbing fittings for over half a century.

Born through precision engineering, extensive research, and rigorous testing, John Guest fittings blend push-fit and multi-seal technology for a reliable leak-proof connection. Simple to install while using fewer connectors than traditional methods. By using John Guest fittings you will cuts installation time by 40%, so you can say goodbye to the time-consuming and costly plumbing jobs.  Plus, there are no tools that are required when installing or demounting fittings. This makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces or readjust joins.

Whether you are installing a new water treatment system or repairing an existing system, John Guest fittings come in a wide range of sizes to suit any domestic or light commercial application. John Guest fittings come in an array of choices ranging from plastic, brass and chrome fittings, tap connectors, valves, to Flexi hoses. With choices like this, you will complete the job in no time. By combining these products with plastic push-fit pipe, you can create a truly flexible and affordable water treatment system.

All of John Guest fittings are accredited with the leading testing and approval organizations including WRAS and are suitable for use with plastic or copper pipe.